We help global brands succeed in the complex Nordic sports fashion market.

We know the game.

When a ball of opportunity approaches, do you wait for the bounce or do you go for the volley? Your action, of course, depends on your game plan and what’s going on at the other side of the court.

Understanding the game of business and knowing how to approach the Nordic market has been our main drive since 1983. Fluent in four languages, mastering four currencies and covering four countries, Tennis Fashion helps global brands minimize unforced errors and become smash hits also in our distinct part of the world.

Tennis Fashion is a niche distributor helping global brands succeed in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. In 1983, we started our business by bringing the Prince racket to Scandinavia. Success was instant and we have kept building on this experience ever since. Read more
Flexibility, speed and the determination to finish the game. Our supply chain includes customized solutions capable of managing both small and large orders, from large-scale distribution to rapid delivery of single items. Read more
Tennis Fashion sells and distributes clothing, shoes and equipment in the sports and leisure segment in the Nordic market. We employ a broad niche approach and have strong relations with big online retailers as well as nationwide chains and individual niche stores. Read more

We aim to serve.

Do you want to know more about Tennis Fashion and how we can help your brand make it in the Nordic Market? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. More than anything, we aim to serve.